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I shot portraits of Mate Rimac and The C_TWO for The Financial Times!!


This summer my 5 and 7yr old sons asked me which is the fastest car on the planet, and I said Concept 2 from our Croatian factory Rimac. Next couple of days, Concept 2 was mentioned frequently in our home.  🙂

One morning about two months ago I was having a coffee in my living room and an email popped out from the Picture Editor of The Financial Times in London offering me a job to shoot Mate Rimac’s portraits inside the Rimac factory. I went nuts! 😀  My boys did too! 

Next day Šime and I went to the Rimac factory near Zagreb to make photos of factory and take portraits that would later be used with the article. 

We went and had an amazing private tour around the entire factory, took a bunch of great shots but I can only show you these photos! And also, meeting Mate Rimac who is just a few years younger than I am was a very positive experience! Read the entire article on The Financial Times here

I’m so thankful to God for this amazing talent He gave me and all the opportunities He constantly puts on my path.