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Band audition ‘run’n’gun’ portraits | Zagreb portrait photographer

October 29, 2018

A very good friend of mine (and a very talented singer btw) was appointed to organize a band audition for cruise ships in Scandinavia. Bands from all over the region applied and top 15 got a chance to perform live in front of dozen judges in Zagreb. 

Everything took place in Pivana Pub, the place where I had my own wedding party more than 8 years ago! 

So we’ve set up a studio in room next to the audition, and offered bands they can have a ‘run n gun’ portraits done. Most band that applied didn’t have a solid portraits in their portfolio, so they took a chance and posed in front of my camera.

Long story short, it was a great opportunity to update my portrait portfolio and I had a great pleasure shooting and later listening such a talented artists. 

Did I tell you photographing musicians is one of my favorite things? Yup! 

Here is selection of my favorites!