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I started something BIG.. and Pete, if you’re reading this, Thank you!


A month ago, while I was doing my pre-workout stretch, I listened to Youtube video of Peter Mckinnon titled “Don’t stop creating for yourself”. In this video Peter talks about pursuing what you are passionate about, reasons why you started doing photography in the first place, something that makes you hear tick and makes YOU happy.

And while this video goes on and Pete and I have chitchat, a cofee time together as he called it, I noticed I was no longer doing my warm-up, instead, I was looking back on my carrier and found out that the last project I did just for myself was 5 years ago! I was blown out. “Pete, what have I done with my passion”, I said. I was overwhelmed by this enlightening I had how I totally went commercial and haven’t picked up a camera for a personal project in a long long time.

And it got me thinking why I started a photography business in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to make money and take care of our family, buy the new gear and couple of things we don’t really need, but if we lose the first motive as an artists we will lose that magical spark this profession has, and though we will become professional photographers, we will lose that artist within.

I read a quote on Instagram the other day. It said something like:

A laborer works with his hands. A craftsman works with his hands and head. An artist works with his hands, head and his heart.

I liked that thought so much.

Ok, back to my coffee chat with Pete. I started thinking what I would really like to create. And soon the answer bubbled up from my heart. I want to create something meaningful, something that would make a positive impact on our society, something that would help others. This is kind of photography I want to do most. Again, don’t get me wrong, I still love shooting other stuff like weddings and architecture, but a project like this pumps my heart to the ceiling.

A few days went by and I kept on thinking about your inspirational talk Pete and finally an idea I had 2 years ago came back to me and at that moment I realized – THIS is what I want to do! Bam!

But before I tell you what this project is all about, I need to take you back 5 years ago on my last project called “The Brigde project”. Long story short, it all started while I was sipping coffee with my good friend. An idea came that we could record interviews with people that struggeled/lived with some kind of handicap in their life, take their portraits and make a website, open up Youtube channel, and have an exhibition. We wanted to build the bridge that would bring two parts of community closer together. A couple of months later, we were supported by EU money, my wife and I actually had a coffee with the President of Croatia, and exhibition toured in four cities in Croatia and Austria. WOW! Later, the project had another season but wasn’t so exposed and it was finally shut down.

I had a period in my life when I thought this hair was so cool. I know.

I want to build bridges and use my God given talent to help where my help is needed!

So this new project will be located in my wife’s hometown island Korčula were we spend all our holidays. I will take portraits of locals older than 80 and write down one peace of their whisdom, their life moto or short moral story. In black and white, of course! I will go through the entire island and see how many people will be willing to sit in front of my camera and chat while I take their portrait.

A wast space of new ideas started popping out. We will make an exhibition when the project if over. We should make a book, a monography, should we have enough material. Even more, we should film a short documentary! And the final piece of a puzzle came from my wife who said: “You should involve kids from schools and build a bridge between these two generations. It exploded in my heart like a supernova!

Yes!! Can you imagine an exhibition inside of schools, kids walking around the hallways surrounded by the elderly generation passing on the wisdom. I can see it so clearly. It’s there! We just need to work it through!

Next thing I know I have 2 friends onboard my team who both work in schools. Next, I met with a reporter and hoast from the local radio station, who set me up a meeting with the major of Korčula. They all gave me full support and recognized the potential a value this project has for the island. I felt God’s grace surrounding this project and good people getting involved.

I have no money to make this work and couple of days ago I decided I will not worry about the money. Money will come. I shall pursue this idea God gave me, and let Him take care of everything else.

God, I hope Pete that you’ve somehow read this, cause I want to thank you for stirring up this engine! I’ve been following your channel ever since you started Youtube and you’ve been a huge inspiration to us all. I don’t know why I’m writing this as a personal letter, but this morning, while praying, I just felt like I NEED to! 😀 Thank you! Yeeiiii!



P.S. I recorded this video 5 years ago while giving the motivational speech at a photography workshop I held in my studio. Pete, sorry, it’s in Croatian. But the hairstyle evolved though. :))