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A brand new web


We started this season with brand new website for!

So just before ‘corona’ hit the fan we launched a new website with beautiful portfolio showcasing our best and recent work.

We organized portfolio into 4 section.

Glefotka photography portfolio

Corporate gallery shows our business/corporate portraits and work. Architecture is our favorite gallery with beautiful, peaceful images from our recent real estate and architecture photography work. And while architecture photography shows how space looks and feels like, Lifestyle & Leisure shows how people are using the space, with focus on people, rather than scenary. Wedding, our oldest craft is portrayed in black and white to show intimacy, beauty and moment.

GleFotka news and blog post

GleFotka news is the classic blog showing news and updates from our studio.

Zrno Soli is a special project I’m working on, the one I waited for years to come. It’s a portraits exhibition, a book and a short documentary.  Check out the the link to blog feed to keep up with the project!


GleFotka photography services

Services are showing our core business strengths plus opens up mission and vision that keeps pushing GleFotka forward for the past 10 years!


Clients and publications

Clients and publications is our little brag and pride page where we showcased some of our clients, though we have to say some of the favorite ones are not on the list.


We hope that you’ll enjoy our new web, let us know if you wish to work with us and follow us on socials to keep up with news and updates.