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GleFotka was featured on Redfin!


Last month we were reached by Refin editors to give few tips and tricks on the topic of how to set up a small home studio. Redfin is a huge real estate brokerage from USA and Canada, but they look to provide their clients and subscribers with interesting topics such as this one.

It’s a huge honor to be featured among so many international studios and professionals from the field. You can read the full article here or if you want to read just my line, here it is:

Your studio needs to be your center of inspiration, so set everything up the way you feel most inspiring. Secondly, invest in a solid working desk and a comfortable supporting chair for pleasurable working hours. Finally, consider using two sources of light – one that illuminates the person, and the other one, such as an LED strip, lights the background. – GleFotka Studio

I guess this would be a good opportunity to let you all know that we’re packing our Zagreb studio and moving into our beautiful newly renovated home studio. We feel in times like this it’s best to be as flexible as possible and to stay close to our family and the things that matter most.

Sending much blessings!