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Hello World!

This is me, founder, brain and the heart behind GleFotka Studio. I started this dream 10 years ago, quit my 9-5 job and boldly went where no man has gone before.

Ok, many people left the job they didn’t like. But I decided to boldly follow my heart and see where it leads me. And it led me to living my dream, shaping and creating my life just as I want it and enjoying every step of the way. Well, some steps aren’t all that nice and dandy.

Anyways, I’m 35 at the moment, dancing with my princess for over 17 years, father to 3 amazing kids, Child of God, living, preaching and teaching myself and the world to love, trying to create art that means something to somebody, that creates greater good for community and always looking for a ways to improve myself.

We all know “that one kid”

I started photography back in 1998 when my dad gave me my first fully manual film camera “Kiev” and I was the only kid on a school trip that didn’t have those pop-flash-one-button-shoot camera, but a written pocket script saying “when in sun use 1/250 f8.0”. Not even he knew that he gave me a tool that would shape the course of my life. I can see clearly now it was simply meant to be.

Later, I took photography class and went on with capturing everything that caught my eye. Next significant moment was when my dad, thanks Dad!, organized Croatian famous photographer Marija Braut to spend couple of hours with me shooting. I remember that peace when she slightly moved my camera to frame the shot, and later when those images begun to emerge in the film lab. Also I can remember the very smell the lab had, textures, light and everything. The love grew bigger and stronger.

The boldest decision of my life

To tell you the truth, I don’t know why I went to Civil Engineering Collage, but after 8 long and hard years I got my diploma and have never regret it. Couple of months after graduation I realized that engineering just wasn’t my thing and that I don’t want to spend my entire life being an average engineer dreaming of being a photographer so I took that big leap of faith and opened a new chapter of life where photography became a powerful tool in my hand.

The rise of GleFotka

I started GleFotka Studio somewhere in 2010. and here I am now. I shoot mainly weddings, portraits and architecture. Those would be my specialty although I shoot events and family portraits also.. But I work on my own projects where I create that greater good I mentioned earlier. And somewhere in my heart I hope I will, one day, take that leap of faith again and only shoot my own projects, only create things that I care about the most.

Until that day, stay with me and enjoy this trip if that’s what your are into. If your heart ticks for some collaboration with me, just give me a call and maybe we can create something amazing together.

Company details:

Name: Gle fotka d.o.o. (that’s like ltd, gmbh, etc)

Office adress: Gračanska cesta 208

City: Zagreb

Postal code: 10000

Country: Croatia

Reg. No.(OIB): 96957250944

Office location