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Lifestyle news Portraits 02/03/2021 Health/Athlete lifestyle photography and videography production

A couple of months ago we were approached by top of the line healthcare/fitness therapy company Kinesis Health to produce high quality images and videos for their online appearance with architecture photos of their workspace, detail shots, team head shots and workflow images. Video produced in co-production with Studio25 team!

Lifestyle 04/12/2020 Dancer’s lifestyle portfolio | part 4

About a month ago I hooked up with incredibly talented couple Hrvoje i Sunčana from Acrofunkers to shoot a new part for my dancers portfolio. Follow my Instagram Stories for BTS images and videos! Love Frano

Lifestyle 26/10/2020 Dancer’s lifestyle portfolio | part 3

The reason I wanted to shoot dancer’s lifestyle images for my portfolio was to explore how their soul moves and expresses itself within the body and through the space. In part 3 I colaborated with my sister Lana and created this dramatic images playing with light and shadows. Follow me on Instagram fot behind the …

Lifestyle 26/10/2020 Shooting dancer’s portfolio | Part 2

I’m really happy to show you amazing photos from a photo session I had with talented dancer Dorotea Cepanec in Zagreb couple of weeks ago! Shooting with natural light and later with strobes images came out looking amazing straight out of the camera. Couple of tweeks in post and great shots came to life. Follow …

Lifestyle 07/10/2020 Shooting Dancer’s Lifestyle portfolio | part 1

As the second part of my portfolio update I planned to shoot dancer’s lifestyle scenes, so I hooked up with couple of dancers I met via my sister Lana, and we’ve set up shoots for this week. We entered this room and the light was just perfect. There was so much that I wanted to …

Corporate Lifestyle 25/09/2020 Shooting athlete lifestyle portfolio

This was one intense week, I have to say. I teamed up with a couple of great athletes to shoot for my sports lifestyle portfolio. After 3 days shoot, I believe we produced a lot of great quality photographs portraying a sports lifestyle in a great way. We also did a LIVE shoot via my …

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