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Personal work Portraits 30/09/2019 I started something BIG.. and Pete, if you’re reading this, Thank you!

A month ago, while I was doing my pre-workout stretch, I listened to Youtube video of Peter Mckinnon titled “Don’t stop creating for yourself”. In this video Peter talks about pursuing what you are passionate about, reasons why you started doing photography in the first place, something that makes you hear tick and makes YOU …

Corporate Portraits 11/12/2018 I shot portraits of Mate Rimac and The C_TWO for The Financial Times!!

This summer my 5 and 7yr old sons asked me which is the fastest car on the planet, and I said Concept 2 from our Croatian factory Rimac. Next couple of days, Concept 2 was mentioned frequently in our home.  🙂 One morning about two months ago I was having a coffee in my living …

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